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Welcome to Odawa Stone

Niagara North 

Landscaping Stone Supply

Odawa Stone operates a licensed quarry that is situated geographically on the Niagara Escarpment's most northern location in Ontario.


Odawa Stone extracts, “Niagara North” dolomite rock, a grayish-blue amabel formation dimension limestone that is diamond wire/saw cut into limestone blocks and slabs  for use in building natural stone walls, walkways, driveways or left as natural limestone boulders, giant or small for all your landscape projects.


Why are so many people using Natural Stone?

We offer a variety of Natural Stone products with a wide variety of applications.


Natural stone will not fade or wear over time; in fact it looks better with age.

Cost Effective

We list our natural stone profiles at prices that are comparable with artificial stone products – and invite you to compare.Easy maintenance 


Natural stone can be shaped, trimmed and chiseled to take on any specifications without losing any coloration or effect.

Easy Maintenance

Natural stone can be pressure washed without consequences; whereas cultured products would be destroyed.

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