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Dolomite Rock Technical Data

According to geological mapping of the area, the Odawa stone quarry at Silver Water is part of the Middle Silurian encompassing the Amabel formation. Niagara North is a Dolomitic Limestone. 

 The quarry is located on Lot 10, Concession X, Robinson Township, Manitoulin Island. The postal address of the quarry is 165 Mason Line, Sheshegwaning, Ontario, approximately 2.5 Kilometres north of the town of Silver Water.

 The total quarry area is approximately 3km² (300 hectares). 

ArconTEST Incorporated was retained by Odawa Stone Incorporated (“Odawa”) to assess the characterization and durability of a limestone quarried near Silver Water on Manitoulin Island, Ontario Canada. 

Odawa Stone Incorporated is in the process of increasing production and wished to assess the suitability of the material for larger-scale building works. Niagara North Limestone (“Niagara North”) is presently being used in regional building stone applications that include armour, landscape, cladding, ashlar and outdoor paver material.

Chemical analysis
Physical Properties of Niagara North Dolomitic Limestone

A more detailed report can be obtained by request.

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