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Odawa Stone Gallery

Landscape Stone Supply

Natural dolomitic limestone products you can buy from our armourstone quarry for your landscaping projects

Natural Stone Project Examples

Landscaping projects using natural limestone products for drystone walling, armour stone, cladding, ashlar and outdoor paver material

Drystone Walling

Drystone walling is a beautiful use of natural stone for any landscaping project. Drystone walls & structures have been built for thousands of years and walls hundreds of years old are common. The training & skill required takes many years to learn, such as the example here by drystone waller Andre Lemieux. To learn more about drystone walling see Dry Stone Walling Association Canada.

Manitoulin Limestone wall by drystone waller Andre Lemieux

Manitoulin Limestone wall by drystone waller Andre Lemieux

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